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An Old Lion And A Greedy Traveler – Lion Story For Kids

This is the story of a lion. That lion had grown old over time and now had trouble hunting. His body was weakened and he was no longer able to hunt. Whenever he went out, the rest of the animals would run away and the lion was not able to catch them. Because of this, he started starving. He could not understand how he would fill his stomach. If he starves in the same way, he will die.

One day, he went to drink water near a river. Drinking water, he saw that one thing was shining away. So he went to that glowing thing. The lion saw that it was a gold bracelet. Seeing that gold bracelet, he thought that he would lure a man going from here with the help of that bracelet and as soon as those people came to him he would kill and eat it.

He used to sit on the banks of the river and wait for the people to come. Then some people were going from the other side of the river. The lion said to them, “Look, I have a bracelet and it is of gold. It is very precious. You can earn good money by selling it. You can come and get it if you want.”

Those people knew that lion is dreadful. Because of this, no one went to him and they all left from there to save their lives. The lion tried this trick with a lot of people, but no one was getting into his clutches. One day an old man was passing by and the lion was resting on the other side of the river.

The lion caught sight of the old man. The lion shouted at him and said, ‘My friend, I am growing old. I want to donate something. See, I have a gold bracelet, I want to earn virtue by giving it so that I can go to heaven. You come and get it. “

The man came to the lion’s point and in the greed of the bracelet, he started going toward the lion. The old man descended into the river and walked towards the other shore. There was a swamp, due to which that old man got trapped. The more he used push, the more he would get trapped in it. The lion knew that the person had fallen into his trap. Then he saw the opportunity and went to him and killed the old man. In this way, the lion satisfied his long hunger and he was feeling well now.

This story gives us the message that we should never be excessively greedy. Excessive greed can get us in trouble or even kill us.

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An Old Lion And A Greedy Traveler Audio Story

Lion Story For Kids PDF

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The Lion and The Rabbit Story – Lion Story For Kids

Lion and Deer story – Lion Story For Kids

There used to be a lot of animals in a dense forest and the king of that forest was a lion. The lion used to hunt and eat the animals and thus he used to feed his stomach. One day the lion thought that he is the king of that forest, then why does he chase so many animals and hunt them? He should order all and get food for himself.

Because of this, the lion announced in the forest that he would tell the animals a new rule of the forest the next day. On hearing this, all the animals of the forest started thinking what could be the new rule? The next day, everyone gathered at one place, and then the lion came there. The lion told the new law to everyone. That new rule was that one animal would come into his cave every day, which he would kill and eat. All the animals got scared of hearing this, but what could they do?

They had to obey the order of the king. The king made the deer his servant and told him that he would bring an animal to him every day. The deer was very afraid of the lion, so he said to the lion in a suppressed voice, “Yes, King, I will bring an animal for you every day.”

According to the rule of the lion, the deer takes the animal to the lion. Lion kills them and consumes them. This went on for several days and the animals of the forest were upset due to this. One day suddenly there was heavy rain in the forest. Due to the rain, all the animals of the forest hid in their places but the lion wanted to enjoy the rain. He roamed all day in full rain and as soon as the rain stopped, he went to his cave.

As soon as he woke up the next day, his health was poor. The lion had a cold and cough. He was sick all day. Then the buck came to him and said to him, “King, which animal should I bring for you today?” The lion was coughing too much due to which he could not speak. That is why the lion asked the deer to leave from there.

The condition of the lion was getting worse day by day because the cold and cough were not healing. He was starving. Then the animals thought about helping the lion by looking at it. All the animals of the forest came together to collect the best herbs and then made a decoction. Now the animals had to give that decoction to the lion. In such a situation, all the animals were retreating because they did not want to go to the lion. Then a gorilla agreed to give the lion a decoction. He went to the cave and gave him the decoction. As the health worsened, the lion thought of drinking it.

The lion’s cold and cough were cured the next day after drinking the decoction. Now he was hungry and needed to eat. Because of this, he got out of his cave. When he got out, he saw a deer grazing the grass. Then he thought of hunting deer. He went near the buck and pretended to eat grass. The buck saw that the lion was eating grass. He was very surprised to see this. Then he asked the lion, “King why are you eating grass?”

In such a situation, the lion replied, “I am eating grass because I have understood that it is not good to feed others by killing them. That is why I am eating grass and I feel very good eating grass. From now on I will not hurt the animal.”

The deer believed in these things of the lion and he came close to the lion. Seeing the opportunity, the lion immediately caught the deer and killed it, and ate it. Again the lion started hunting the animals of the forest and its terror increased.

The rest of the animals in the forest understood that they should not have saved the life of a lion. Because he will never change his nature.

From this story, we learn that people never change their nature, that is why we should test and trust people.

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Lion and Deer Audio Story

Deer and Lion Story PDF

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The Lion and The Mouse Story – Lion Story For Kids

Arrogant Lion and Cunning Tigers – Lion Story For Kids

This is a story of a dense forest where the king was a ferocious lion. He was so ferocious that all the animals in the forest used to scare him. That king used to get very angry and took the wrong decisions.
Due to these decisions, all the animals in the forest were very upset. The lion also had an advisor who was a tiger.

One day the lion was traveling in the jungle with his advisor when the lion saw a river pass through his forest. The lion asked the tiger, “This river passes through our forest, then to which side does this river go?”

To this question of the lion, the tiger replied, “King, this river passes through our forest, and then it goes towards another forest which is in the east direction. That forest belongs to another king.”

The lion got angry on hearing this and like every time, he took the wrong decision this time too. He ordered that all the animals in the forest would make a stone wall in front of this river so that all the water of the river would not go into the other forest. After hearing this order from his king, the tiger became very worried because he knew that doing so could cause a lot of problems in the forest.

All the animals of the forest together made a big wall with a heap of stones on the river which was like a dam. After doing this, the water of the river was not able to go further. Gradually, all the water in the forest started filling up and the houses of the people started drowning. Distressed, all the animals of the forest went to the tiger and told him their concern. Seeing all the problems, the tiger said to all, “You all calm down, I immediately do something on this matter so that we can avoid drowning everyone’s house.”

For a while, the tiger wondered what he could do so that he could convince his king the lion. Just then, an idea came to his mind and he went straight to the bear. The bear used to ring the bell in the morning and all the people of the forest would get up at the sound of that bell. It was night time and there was a much time left in the morning. The tiger went to the bear and told him to ring the bell. On hearing this, the bear said, “Excuse me but I am afraid of the king and I cannot do this work because it is not morning yet.”

To ease the fear of the bear, the tiger said to him, “Don’t be afraid. You just ring the bell. I will handle everything.” On hearing this, the bear rang loudly and due to this, all the animals in the forest got up. The lion king of the forest also got up. He roared angrily and said, “What a fool it is. It is not even in the morning and the bear starts ringing the bell.”

Then the tiger came to him and said, “King Bear has rung the bell at the right time.”

“But it is still dark and the sun has not come out, so how can you say that it is morning?” The lion asked the tiger.

“Maharaj, we have stopped the water flowing in the river so that the water is not going on in the other forest. The people there have stopped the sun because of this. They will not leave the sun till we release water from here. “

On hearing this, the lion became very angry and he said, “Their courage! Prepare all the animals of the forest, we will fight them.”

“Don’t get angry, my lord. I have a good suggestion from the fight so that we can get sunlight without fighting.” The tiger told the lion. Hearing this, the lion calmed down and said to the tiger, “If this is the case, then you tell me what should we do?”

“King, we should leave the water of the river so that the water can also go into their forests and in return, they will give us sunlight. We have to do a kind of business with sunlight instead of water.” The tiger said.

On hearing this, the king was calm because he liked the idea of ​​the tiger. The lion ordered everyone to immediately go and remove the wall from there. In such a situation, all the animals of the forest got together and removed the wall built on the river and then after some time, the sun came out. Now everyone’s problem was over. Lion Story For Kids.

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Arrogant Lion and Cunning Tiger Audio Story

Arrogant Lion and Cunning Tiger Story PDF

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Arrogant Lioness – Lion Story For Kids

Naughty Monkeys and Lion – Lion Story For Kids

There was a big tree in a dense forest in which three monkeys lived. They were happy with each other, but one day a lion arrived with his fox and stayed in a nearby cave. Because of this, the three monkeys got nervous and they started thinking that the lion should leave from there. In such a situation, they thought of talking to the lion. The three monkeys went inside the lion’s cave and told them, “You go away from here because this is our place. We live here and we don’t want any dangerous lion to be here.”

Hearing this, the lion replied, “I will not leave here. It is my place from now on and I am not going to leave it. I and my colleague will remain the same and you can do whatever you want but we will not leave here. I promise you I won’t bother you as long as you don’t bother me.” Along with the lion, the fox also said, “Yes, this is our place from now on, we will not leave from here.”

In such a situation, the monkey got even more nervous and they said again, “But we will stay here and you will get disturbed by our activities like jumping and shouting. That’s what we are afraid of.” Even after pleading with the monkeys, the lion did not listen and he stayed at that place. Now the monkeys left there and sat on the tree. The monkeys started thinking among themselves that in some way lions would have to be removed from there or else problems could increase for them.

The monkeys made a lot of effort so they could drive the lion away from there. But the lion was not ready to go. One day the lion ordered the fox, “Walking from here to the river and going there to drink water is very hard work. You will bring water for me from today and you will put it in a big pot.”

On hearing the lion, the fox said, “Yes, I will do as you say.” After this, the fox started to fill the water in a vessel. She would get up every day to fetch water from the river and fill it in the pot. After filling the water, she went back towards the forest. Then the monkeys saw the opportunity and descended from the tree to throw the water of that pot down. The place where they were staying was in height and there was empty land below.

The monkeys threw the water down and climbed back to the tree. Then the lion came out of the cave and saw that the vessel was empty. In such a situation, he got angry and waited for the fox to come. As the fox returned, the lion shouted at her and asked why she had not filled the water yet.

The fox said, “I had water in it but it might have dried up due to the heat. I will fill it with more water from tomorrow.” The next day the fox filled more water in that vessel and then left it. The monkey came again and threw the water down. The lion came out of the cave and saw the pot empty again. Seeing the empty vessel, the lion became angry again and when the fox came he shouted loudly and said to her, “You have become sluggish. Even today you did not fill water.” On the other hand, the monkeys were very happy to see all this and were enjoying it a lot.

The fox started thinking, “I am admitted to water every day, but where does that water go? Tomorrow I will fill it with water and see where its water goes.” The fox did the same the next day. She filled water in that pot and went and hid behind a tree. He saw that the monkeys threw all the water down. On seeing this the fox got very angry and went straight to the lion. The fox told the lion the whole thing.

Knowing the lion, he said to the fox, “You should fill two separate pots with water from tomorrow. Put one pot outside and one pot inside the cave so that the monkeys think they are bothering us.”

The fox did the same. She keeps one vessel outside, fills it with water, and keeps the other full pot inside the cave. Monkeys would come and throw water out of the pot kept outside. This continued for a few days and the monkeys started to think why not bother with their antics? Then they saw that the lion goes hunting and immediately takes the prey. Monkeys got into thinking it takes a lot of time to hunt, but how does this lion hunt so quickly?

Then the lion went to them and told them, “Apart from the water you used to throw down, we still have water. Which is inside our cave. We drink it and run it. And because of the water, you threw down because of it The grass has grown. There are a lot of animals that come to eat the grass that I easily catch. That’s why I don’t take time to hunt. You have made my life easier. Hearing this Those three monkeys understood that their tricks were not working and they were unnecessarily harassing the lion. Lion Story For Kids.

Naughty Monkeys and Lion Audio Story

Naughty Monkeys and Lion Story PDF

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The Lion and The Jackal

The Coward Lion

The Lion King

Lion Story For Kids

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