Inside the Eerie Tale of Emily Gladstein’s Family House: From Million-Dollar Home to Haunting Abandonment

Explore the captivating journey of Emily Gladstein’s family home, a once-million-dollar residence that now stands in eerie abandonment. This intriguing tale takes you through the transformation of a luxurious house into a haunting and deserted space. Join us as we unravel the mysteries surrounding the Gladstein family home, tracing its evolution from opulence to neglect. The story of this forgotten dwelling offers a unique glimpse into the twists and turns of time, leaving behind a lingering sense of mystery and curiosity.

Emily Gladstein’s Troubled Past

Emily Gladstein entered the world on September 30, 1993, in Huntingdon, New York, to parents Marilyn and Michael Gladstein. However, her upbringing took a dark turn when her parents were arrested for animal cruelty. The Gladstein family home, once filled with the laughter of children, became a house of horrors as authorities uncovered over 100 dogs and puppies left to starve and a neglected pony with overgrown hooves.

Marilyn and Michael, facing charges of animal cruelty, saw their children, including Emily, taken away. The scent of ammonia emanating from their residence triggered the investigation, forcing authorities to wear hazmat suits and respirators.

Emily Gladstein: A remarkable young woman, her impact enduring in the hearts she touched.
Emily Gladstein: A remarkable young woman, her impact enduring in the hearts she touched. (Image By

Urban Explorer’s Chilling Encounter

In 2022, British urban explorer Ben James ventured into the abandoned Gladstein family house. The desolate home, frozen in time, retained traces of the children’s presence, with toys scattered in the rooms. James described the experience as if walking into a horror film set, pondering how a once-million-dollar residence had become a chilling relic of a tragic past.

“The weirdest thing was the kid’s bedrooms, the fact that they were still fully set up with hundreds of toys. It would have been a beautiful house at one point probably worth millions of dollars. It’s just crazy how such a well-respected person in that profession, their life just went bad,” James commented.

Emily’s Mysterious Death

The news of Emily Gladstein’s death in 2022 left many in shock. Her cause of death remains undisclosed to the public, shrouded in mystery. The circumstances of her life post-her parents’ arrest are equally enigmatic. The GoFundMe account created to honor her memory portrays her as a kind and loving person who made a positive impact on those around her.

The obituary in June 2022 highlighted Emily’s role as a ‘Cruelty To Animals’ Member, emphasizing her compassion for animals in need. Despite the tragedy, her family and friends are organizing a memorial to celebrate her life at Studio Theatre’s Bayway Art Center.

A Legacy of Compassion

Emily’s dedication to helping others, especially animals, and her passion for theater and singing left a lasting imprint. Her family plans to donate remaining funds from contributions to causes close to her heart, a testament to her spirit of kindness.

The circumstances surrounding Emily’s death continue to perplex the community. The Gladstein family remains tight-lipped about the specifics, maintaining a sense of mystery around the untimely end of a remarkable woman.

Animal Cruelty Complaints Resurface

Shifting our focus to October 26, 2023, an incident in Salisbury involving animal cruelty complaints raises concerns. Dozens of animals were seized following reports of distressing conditions. While charges have not been filed yet, law enforcement authorities are reviewing the evidence for further action.


The tale of Emily Gladstein’s family house is one of tragedy, abandonment, and unresolved mysteries. As we navigate through the remnants of a once-beautiful home, questions linger about the past, the present, and the stories left untold. Emily’s legacy, marked by compassion and dedication, reminds us of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment.


Q1. What led to the abandonment of Emily Gladstein’s family house?

A. The Gladstein family home was abandoned following the arrest of Emily’s parents, Marilyn and Michael Gladstein, on charges of animal cruelty. Authorities discovered over 100 neglected dogs and puppies, along with a pony, leading to the removal of the Gladstein children from the home.

Q2. Why is the Gladstein family house described as eerie and haunting?

A. Urban explorer Ben James, who visited the abandoned house, described it as eerie, resembling a horror film set. The children’s bedrooms, still fully set up with toys, added to the unsettling atmosphere. The contrast between the house’s former grandeur and its current state contributes to the eerie ambiance.

Q3. What is the mystery surrounding Emily Gladstein’s death?

A. Emily Gladstein’s cause of death remains undisclosed, adding an air of mystery to the circumstances surrounding her untimely demise. Despite the lack of clarity, her family and friends are organizing a memorial to celebrate her life and contributions.

Q4. How is Emily Gladstein’s legacy being honored?

A. Emily’s family plans to donate remaining funds from contributions to causes aligned with her passion, such as supporting young kids in foster care and organizations like the Harlem School of the Arts and Long Island Theater Workshop. The memorial at Studio Theatre’s Bayway Art Center also aims to commemorate her positive attributes.

Q5. What recent incident involving animal cruelty is connected to the Gladstein story?

A. On October 26, 2023, in Salisbury, animal cruelty complaints led to the seizure of dozens of animals. A concerned passerby reported distressing conditions, prompting law enforcement authorities to review the evidence for potential charges.

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