In What Island Nation Would You Find Mount Merapi, Which Erupted on Sunday And Is Among At Least 120 Volcanoes in the Country?

Indonesia’s Mount Merapi has erupted twice in two days, causing the loss of at least 23 lives. We’ll look into the details, the challenges faced by rescuers, and the history of Mount Merapi.

Mount Merapi’s Recent Eruptions

Mount Merapi, the most active volcano in Indonesia, erupted near Yogyakarta. The first eruption on Sunday resulted in eleven deaths, and 50 climbers were saved. Unfortunately, on Monday, another eruption occurred, making rescue efforts harder. More bodies were found near the eruption site.

During an eruption from Mount Merapi, Indonesia's most active volcano, thick smoke was seen rising from Tunggularum village in Sleman on Saturday.
During an eruption from Mount Merapi, Indonesia’s most active volcano, thick smoke was seen rising from Tunggularum village in Sleman on Saturday. (AFP photo)

Challenges for Rescuers and Presumed Loss

Rescuers are dealing with tough weather and tricky terrain. The wind is carrying heat from the eruptions, making the rescue operation even riskier. Out of the 23 presumed dead, five climbers’ bodies have been found, and efforts are ongoing to identify the remaining 18.

Mount Merapi’s History of Trouble

Mount Merapi has a history of regular eruptions since 1548. Positioned in the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” Indonesia has over 120 active volcanoes, with Mount Merapi being one of them.

Past Eruptions and Their Impact

In 2010, Merapi erupted, causing widespread damage. It took 353 lives, forced 350,000 people to leave their homes, and changed the shape of the volcano. Since then, smaller eruptions have kept volcanologists watchful.

Mount Merapi’s Past Eruptions(Timeline)

Here’s a straightforward look at the major eruptions of Mount Merapi:

2006In April, signs of an imminent eruption appeared, leading to evacuations. By May, lava flows started, and evacuations increased. A significant earthquake heightened fears, resulting in further evacuations. Calm returned by mid-May.
2010From September, increasing seismic activity was noted. Evacuations began in late October, and the alert reached its highest level. The eruptions caused casualties and displaced thousands. Activities increased in November, leading to continued alerts and exclusion zones. The alert level was lowered to Caution by December.
2018A May eruption prompted evacuations within a 5 km radius. The airport closed due to ash, initiating a new phase of dome growth. New evacuations occurred in November 2020.
2021Eruptions in January led to evacuations. Another eruption in March created pyroclastic flows. August brought more eruptions, sending lava flows and ash into the air.
2023March saw an eruption with lava flows and a rising hot cloud. Authorities advised residents to stay 7 km away. On December 3rd, another eruption claimed lives, challenging rescue efforts.
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Q1: Where is Mount Merapi located?

A1: Mount Merapi is on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Q2: How many people have died in the recent eruptions?

A2: At least 23 people have lost their lives in the recent eruptions.

Q3: What difficulties are rescuers facing?

A3: Rescuers are dealing with bad weather, tough terrain, and the wind carrying heat from the eruptions.

Q4: What happened during the 2010 eruption of Mount Merapi?

A4: The 2010 eruption claimed 353 lives, forced 350,000 people to leave, and caused significant damage.

Q5: How many active volcanoes are there in Indonesia?

A5: Indonesia has over 120 active volcanoes, making it prone to seismic activity.

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