Did Lions Escape Indiana Zoo?

Did Lions Escape Indiana Zoo? In a recent mix-up, news about escaped lions from the Nashville Zoo caused quite a stir. But don’t fret; let’s break down the facts and clear up the confusion.

False Alarm in Nashville

Someone raised the alarm, thinking two lions broke free from the Nashville Zoo. The buzz started on Facebook and got folks worried. Turns out, it was a false alarm. The Nashville Zoo doesn’t even have lions. Despite efforts to set the record straight, the incorrect info kept spreading.

Did Lions Escape Indiana Zoo?
Did Lions Escape Indiana Zoo? (Image by Facebook)

Ripple Effect to Indianapolis

The lion tale didn’t stop there. Another post suggested these runaway lions were spotted near the Indianapolis Zoo. But guess what? No lions escaped from any zoo, anywhere.

Where’s the Photo From?

Here’s the twist: The lion photo causing the commotion is not even from the U.S. It’s from a wildlife camera in South Africa. Why someone decided to share an old lion pic from Africa on Facebook is a bit of a mystery.

Lessons from the Past

While this lion scare turned out to be false, it’s good to know that zoo escapes have happened before. In 2022, lions made a run for it in Australia. Thankfully, they were rounded up and brought back.

Did Lions Escape Indiana Zoo?

Details In Short:

  1. Date: December 21, 2023
  2. Incident Type: False alarm about escaped lions from Nashville Zoo
  3. Location: Nashville, Tennessee
  4. Concern Raised: Two lions allegedly escaped, as shared on Facebook
  5. Confirmation: Nashville Zoo confirmed the claim was false
  6. Lions at Nashville Zoo: Nashville Zoo doesn’t have lions
  7. Viral Spread: Facebook post shared over 3,000 times
  8. Indianapolis Connection: Another post claimed lions near Indianapolis Zoo
  9. Indianapolis Confirmation: No lions escaped from the Indianapolis Zoo
  10. Photo Origin: Wildlife camera in South Africa, shared by Wildlife ACT
  11. Lesson from History: Zoo escapes have occurred before; in 2022, lions escaped in Australia.


Q: Did lions really escape from the Nashville Zoo?

A: Nope, no lions at the Nashville Zoo, and the escape news is false.

Q: Did the Indianapolis Zoo have a lion escape?

A: No, the lions in the photo weren’t from the Indianapolis Zoo. It’s an old pic from South Africa.

Q: Where did the lion photo come from?

A: The lion pic causing the confusion is from a camera in South Africa, shared by a wildlife group.

Q: Have zoo escapes happened before?

A: Yes, in 2022, lions got loose in Australia, but they were brought back.

Q: How does a zoo handle an animal escape?

A: If an animal escapes, the zoo works with the police to keep everyone safe.

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