5+ Spooky Stories For Kids to Read

Spooky Stories For Kids to Read. A spooky story is a story that is meant to scare people. It often contains elements of the supernatural, such as ghosts or witches. Spooky stories are often told around a campfire or at bedtime to children in order to scare them.

Ben and The Box Spooky Story For Kids

Ben was excited to get a box in the mail. It was addressed to him, but he didn’t know who it was from. He opened it up and found a note inside. It said, “Ben, I know you’re a small kid, so I got you a small box.” Ben was confused, but he decided to open the box anyway. Inside, he found a toy skeleton! He was excited to play with it, but he also felt a little scared. He wondered who had sent it to him and why.

Spooky Stories For Kids to Read
Ben and The Box spooky story for kids – etsy.com

As Ben played with his new toy skeleton, he started to feel strange. He had the feeling that someone was watching him. He turned around, but there was no one there. Suddenly, the door to his room slammed shut! Ben screamed and ran out of the room. He didn’t know what was happening, but he knew he didn’t want to be alone in his room with the skeleton.

Ben’s parents came home and found him hiding in the hallway. They asked him what was wrong, and Ben told them about the skeleton. His parents were surprised that he had received such a gift and they wanted to know who had sent it to him. Ben couldn’t remember seeing anyone send him anything, but his parents didn’t believe him. They thought that he had just been too scared to tell them about it earlier.

Ben’s parents decided to call the police and report the skeleton as a prank. The police came over and took a look at the toy skeleton. They agreed that it seemed like someone had sent it to Ben as a prank. But they couldn’t figure out who had done it or why.

As time went on, Ben started to feel like the skeleton was following him around. He would see it out of the corner of his eye or feel its presence in dark rooms. One night, Ben woke up to find the skeleton standing over his bed! He screamed and jumped out of bed. His parents came into his room and saw that the skeleton was gone. They asked Ben if he had been dreaming, but Ben knew that what he had seen was real.

The next day, Ben’s parents took him back to the police station so that they could file another report about the skeleton prankster. This time, the police were able to find some clues about who might have sent it to Ben. They tracked down the sender’s address and interviewed the person who lived there. The person who lived at the address said that they had sent the toy skeleton to Ben as a joke and they were sorry for scaring him.

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Into The Forest

Laila loved spending time in her backyard, especially in the summer. She would lie in the sun and read books, or play games with her friends. In the fall, she enjoyed going for walks in the forest near her house; it was so peaceful and quiet.

But this fall was different. Laila began to feel a sense of unease when she was in the forest. She started seeing things out of the corner of her eye, things that weren’t there. And she began to hear strange noises, like someone was following her.

Stories For Kids to Read
Into The Forest – wallpaperflare.com

One day, Laila decided to explore deeper into the forest. The further she went, the more scared she became. Suddenly, she heard a loud scream coming from behind some bushes. She turned around and ran as fast as she could back to her house.

When Laila got home, she told her parents what had happened. They were worried and decided to call the police. The officers went into the forest to investigate, but they never found anything.

Laila never went back into the forest again. She was too scared after what had happened. It was as if the forest had been cursed…


Inside The Room

The room is always dark, no matter what time of day it is. The door is always locked, too, and no one knows what’s inside. Some say that the room is haunted, and that’s why it’s always so dark and scary. Others say that there’s something inside the room that nobody wants to see. But nobody knows for sure what’s in there.

One day, a little girl decided she wanted to find out what was inside the room. She asked her parents if she could unlock the door and take a look, but they said no. They were too scared to open the door themselves, and they didn’t want their daughter to be scared, too.

Stories For Kids to Read
Inside The Room spooky story for kids

But the little girl was determined to see what was inside the room. She waited until her parents were asleep, then the girl got up quietly and went to the door of the dark room. She slowly turned the knob and opened the door a crack…

The girl peered inside and saw that the room was, in fact, dark. But she could see something moving in the corner, and she was scared. She didn’t want to go into the room, but she was curious about what was inside.

She took a deep breath and stepped into the room. The door closed behind her, and she was plunged into darkness. She could hear something moving towards her, and she started to scream. But then she realized that it was only a cat. The cat calmly walked up to her and rubbed its head against her leg.

The little girl relaxed and started to pet the cat. Then she heard a noise in the corner of the room. She turned around and saw a shadow moving across the wall. She started to scream again, but then she realized that it was only the shadow of a tree outside the window.

The little girl felt relieved and started to walk back towards the door. But just as she was about to leave, the door slammed shut behind her. She tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. She started to panic and screamed for help, but nobody could hear her.

Then she saw the light switch on the wall. She walked over to it and turned it on, but nothing happened. The light was out of order. The little girl started to cry tears of frustration and fear. What was happening to her? Why couldn’t she get out of this scary room?

Just then, she heard something moving in the corner of the room again. This time, she wasn’t scared – she was angry! She walked over to where she had seen the movement and saw a rat crawling out from behind the couch. The little girl grabbed a book off of the couch and smashed it over the rat’s head. Blood oozed out from its skull, and the little girl felt satisfied that she had finally killed it.

But then she heard something else moving in the room…

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The Riverside Spooky Story For Kids

There was once a riverside near the Mississippi River where people would visit during the day, but no one dared to go there at night. Rumors had been going around that a group of ghosts haunted the area and anyone who dared to venture there after dark never returned.

Spooky Stories For Kids to Read
The Riverside spooky story for kids

One summer evening, a young boy named Jimmy decided to see for himself if the rumors were true. He waited until after dark and then made his way to the riverside. As he got closer, he could hear the sounds of moaning and crying. He was about to turn back when he saw a group of ghosts in the distance. They were all pointing at him and laughing.

The closer he got, the more terrified he became. He started to run but the ghosts were faster than him. They caught up to him and surrounded him, laughing and pointing at him. The last thing Jimmy remembered before passing out was seeing the face of the ghost leader leering at him.

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The Talking Well

The well in the backyard of the big haunted house had been there for as long as anyone could remember. It was said that the house had been empty for 52 years, ever since the family who lived there had died in a car accident. But even before that, the house had been known to be haunted. People said that the well talked to the people, and that it was a bad omen to drink from its water.

One summer day, a group of kids decided to explore the haunted house. They were curious about what it was like inside, and whether or not anything scary had happened there. As they climbed up to the back yard, they saw the well. It looked old and spooky, and they all hesitated for a moment before deciding to go closer.

Spooky Stories For Kids to Read
The Talking Well spooky story for kids

As they got closer, they heard a strange noise coming from the well. It sounded like someone was whispering, and it made their skin crawl. They gathered around it and peered into the darkness, but they couldn’t see anything. Then one of them had an idea.

“Let’s put a rock in the well,” she said. “Then we’ll be able to hear the voice better.”

So they each took turns putting a rock into the well, until finally they heard the voice more clearly. It was definitely a whisper, and it said: “Drink from me and you will have eternal life.”

The kids were excited by this prospect, and one of them bravely reached down into the well to get a drink. But as soon as their lips touched the water, they heard a loud scream coming from inside the house. It was so loud that it made them all jump! They turned around and ran away as fast as they could, never looking back at that spooky old house again.


Anna’s Dream

Anna was a happy little girl, who loved spending time with her family. But one day, she had a very strange dream. In it, she saw a man who wanted to talk to her. She found him very awkward and creepy, and she was afraid of what he might want from her.

The man kept appearing in her dreams, and Anna became more and more scared of him. She didn’t know what to do, but she knew that she didn’t want him to hurt her. One night, she had a vision of the man attacking her. She woke up in a cold sweat, realizing that she had to do something to stop him.

Anna gathered all of her courage and confronted the man in her dreams. He turned out to be nothing more than a figment of her imagination, created by her fears and anxieties. With the man defeated, Anna was finally able to sleep peacefully again.

Don’t Look Back Spooky Story For Kids

The friends ran out of the village and into the night. They didn’t stop running until they were far away from the village and the creatures that were following them. The friends were so terrified that they didn’t say a word to each other. They just kept running.

They didn’t stop running until they reached the edge of the forest. When they saw the forest, they knew that they were safe. The forest was full of shadows and darkness and it was a place where no creature of the night could survive. The friends stopped running and they sat down on the ground to catch their breath.

They sat there for a few minutes and then they started to hear noises coming from the forest. The noises were weird and spooky and they sounded like something was stalking them. The friends were so scared that they got up and started to run again. They didn’t stop running until they reached the other side of the forest.

When they reached the other side of the forest, they saw a light in the distance. They knew that the light was coming from their village. They were so relieved that they started to run towards the light. As they got closer, they could see that the light was coming from a fire that was burning in the village square.

When they reached the village, they saw that all of the houses were on fire. The villagers were all around the fire, screaming for help. The friends couldn’t believe what was happening. They had never seen anything like this before.

The friends tried to help as many villagers as they could, but it was too late. Most of the villagers had been killed by the creatures of the night. The few villagers who were still alive were too scared to stay in the village anymore. They all left in the middle of night and nobody ever heard from them again.

So, these were some spooky stories for kids to read. If You enjoyed these please leave a comment and share it with your friends.

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